How Celebs Are Using Their Fame to Encourage Us to Vote


Photo courtesy of @kendalljenner | Instagram It’s no shocker to us that this election is kind of a big deal. While some celebrities use their fame to encourage partying, sex, and other rebellious activities, many celebrities have channeled their fame to encourage us; the millennial generation, to register to vote. From Katy Perry to Robert Downey Jr., all the way to even Kendal Jenner, many celebrities are speaking out about this nightmare of an election.

Last week Katy Perry took things into her own hands, as she posted a video of herself rolling out of bed and going to the polls to vote naked. While it was entertaining to watch, her point was simply to show how easy it is to go and vote (as long as you put clothes on). She then commented on outfits that you could wear while voting, including onesies, over large t shirts, and other random attire. Bottom line, she got her point across in a funny and memorable way. It definitely made me want to go vote, so I guess I should probably get registered…and dressed.

Kendall Jenner encouraged us to vote by posting an Instagram with a bunch of people holding signs that read “Register to Vote.” With her 2.5 million likes on her picture and 66.5 million followers, she definitely made big waves. Kylie Jenner may not be posting pictures on Instagram of herself in her bra and underwear, but at least one Jenner/Kardashian is using their fame for something relevant.

In a powerhouse cast of varied actors and actresses, a three-minute video was released to encourage people not only to vote, but to not vote for Donald Trump. Celebrities making these political comments included Scarlett Johansson, James Franco, Keegan-Michael Key, and much more. They must have said a hundred times how much our vote matters. They also brought matters of immigration, the Supreme Court, and nuclear weapons into the video. These celebrities are definitely trying hard to get us to go vote.

If after all of these efforts you still don’t feel the need to vote, then I’m not really sure what else could convince you. Props to these celebrities, though, in doing something that matters. I guess they aren’t that bad after all. So go vote, seriously.