Here's What The Upcoming UU Movies at HBC Would Look Like if They Were Filmed On Campus

4_oneofgarnerscameras Last weekend, University Union screened “The Revenant” in HBC, the historic movie that finally earned Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar. UU is known to screen some fresh films in their Spring Cinemas Screening Lineup, including The Martian, Spectre, and The Hunger Games – Mockingjay.

Earlier this year, students got to see a UU pre-screening of “The Visit” before it had even been released in theaters. If you want to catch up on some new award-winning movies and get more ~cultured~ while remaining comfortably on campus and enjoying free entry, check out some of the movies coming up. In fact, they have a lot more parallels to college life than you’d think.

Here's what some of the upcoming films being screened would be like if they were filmed on campus.

“The Martian”

Upon arrival at a party, a young student is separated from his crew and stranded amidst chaos. With little in his possession (his cellphone, SUID and alcohol) he must draw upon his ingenuity and spirit to survive.

“The Revenant”

^RT @TheMartian, except this takes place in the 1820's.


Jim Boeheim receives a prophecy from a trio of basketball gurus that one day his team will make it to the Final Four and destroy everyone’s March Madness brackets. Consumed by ambition, he does some aggressive ripping off of his sport coat and expert coaching to prove the haters wrong.

“Dirty Grandpa”

A workaholic student leaves Bird Library for first time in weeks and gets turnt with his grandpa over spring break.

“The Hateful Eight”

In the dead of a Syracuse winter, eight strangers get stuck together on their hike to the Mount. Chaos ensues and DPS is nowhere to be found.


After asking the bartender at Harry's to make him the "house special," a student is left with accelerated healing powers and an adventurous alter ego.