How Sexy is the Lumberjack Look?


Design by Brittany Isdith Men are fascinating. What... are they? Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails? Testosterone and nacho cheese? Yes to all of the above, but there’s more to dudes than that. Men are a vast species, varied and hairy, the hairiest of all being the lumberjack. After a resurgence of popularity in the early twentieth century, the lumberjack has made another comeback in recent years.

From the Bounty paper towels man to ‘Lil Abner, the “lumbersexual” trend burst on the scene and spread like wildfire. Scruffy, scruffy wildfire. Stars like Chris Hemsworth, James Franco, and Ryan Gosling were quick to hop on the lumber train. Soon, guys around the world were attempting to find the perfect balance between stylistically maintained and slightly unkempt facial hair, dawning heavy plaids and Timberlands.

The woolly craze inspired some but confused many, leaving parents questioning whether their sons were embarking on an Alaskan journey or simply needed the extra warmth. When did bushy eyebrows and straight leg jeans replace crew cuts and sharp suits? The new norm made itself apparent in 2014, as the term “lumbersexual” slipped into common vernacular quicker than your DM’s.

Nonetheless, there are a few millennials lagging behind. Being humans of ‘Cuse, we’ve seen the beards, boots, and brawns, but there are some students who never made the connection between this burly combo and the term “lumbersexual.” As a lumberjack enthusiast, the fact that some people don’t realize—let alone, celebrate—the fact that “subtly disheveled manly man” is a look now breaks my heart. It’s like discovering your friend didn’t know how to get the Snapchat updates. Just sad, missing out on fun for everyone like that.

In an effort to understand how many folks are missing out on scruffy sexiness, I scoured the campus searching for answers.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.15.03 AMAs you can see, lumbersexuality is real and it is thriving. Some cheered, some sneered, but not a single soul disagreed with the trend when I asked for their opinion. And, boy, did they let me have it. Just mentioning the word “lunk” in the same sentence as “lumbersexual” offended quite a few questionees. Two admitted they thought it was merely a fetish or NSFW. Multiple self-proclaimed lumbersexuals boasted their identity and only responded by all-too-sensually caressing their scruff.

It's safe to say Syracuse is embracing the burly man look (as they should). Channeling your inner lumberjack just makes sense here. So get ready for No Shave November, ladies and gents. It’s about to get ~*l u m b e r s e x u a l*~ up in here.