How to Deal With the End of Semester Struggle


12_5_realtalk You’re back from Thanksgiving break and it’s the end of the semester. You ask: Why can’t Thanksgiving break just go into Christmas break? Who needs finals anyway? Well, you do. So it’s time to suck it up and deal with all the work and the end of the semester drama coming your way — but don't worry, we've figured out what tou need to do when times get tough.

Problem: You feel an ugly cry coming because of all the work you have.

Solution: Wait, hold it! Don’t let that tear come out. If you’re in the library and you feel an ugly cry coming, then just wait a minute. Now, look around to make sure you’re in an appropriate place to let it out. If you’re sitting in one of those depressing desks by yourself, then let those tears flow. I mean the desks are sad enough as it is, so no one can really blame you for crying. If you’re in Pages Café, then you better not cry into your sandwich. Think of your priorities, you’re going to want to eat it later. Also, if you’re anywhere else where someone can visibly see you, then please hold it in until the next bathroom. No one wants to see someone ugly-crying on campus. The weather is already depressing enough.

Problem: You’ve run out of money.

Solution: I mean how are you supposed to drown your sorrows in Insomnia cookies if you don’t have any money? You can’t even buy coffee from Dunkin. What are you supposed to do? It’s time to get creative… aka mooch off your friend’s leftover meal plan. Buddy up with your friend whose card is overflowing with money. Make she or he your best friend. All of your friends are broke? Well, time for breadcrumbs and Ramen Noodles. You’ll be home for Christmas soon.

Problem: Some friend drama is breaking out and you’re over it.

Solution: For some reason all of your friends are fighting and you just don’t have time for it. You have a 15-page paper to write, or you’re just too busy eating uncooked Ramen out of the package. Don’t indulge in the drama, especially if you aren’t directly involved. Everyone’s just annoyed with one another because you’ve been “best friends forever” since August. Everyone just needs some breathing room, so try to hold it together until Christmas break.

Problem: Someone wants to make the relationship official.

Solution: He or she has been blowing up your phone all week. So what if you’ve been cuddle buddies all semester long? They wait until now to make it official? Where were they during October when you were looking for someone to complete your couple’s costume? (Back when they thought that was “too serious of a step to take.”) Making a relationship official at the end of the semester is like… I don’t even have time to come up with an interesting enough metaphor. Translation: Ain’t nobody got time for that. See you next semester.