How To Decipher Your Sex Dreams

Design by Brittany Isdith You’re thrown onto a bed with silken sheets. Your mysterious lover is making you feel all types of ways. Suddenly, he peaks his head out from the sheets. You’re eager to lock eyes with this amazing man. To your surprise, you find yourself face-to-face with your used-to-be boss from your previous summer lifeguarding job. Suddenly, you're awake, sitting up in your bed, and questioning why somewhere deep down inside your brain you had the feels for your boss.

Don’t worry, you're not that weird. Sex dreams (like most dreams) usually feature the most random people in your life. What does having sex with Zac Efron in your dreams mean? Generally, those who appear in your sex dreams will be people you admire in one way or another, and subconsciously, you're brain is looking for the same admiration in return. This admiration can be something as simple as thinking someone is cool for their fashion sense. But what does it mean when your steamy hot sex dream features...

Your third grade math teacher or your boss at the coffee shop you work at.

Okay, so no one is into getting back with the dude that taught you arithmetic or the hipster weirdo that has a passion for coffee grinds. According to a study by psychologists at Everyday Health teachers and bosses are the most common stars of sex dreams. Having sex with these people shows that you admire their leadership and strive to find that same leadership within yourself.

Ryan Gosling.

That’s right finally the dream gods have given you the chance to get it in with Gosling. Having sex with celebrities is the most common kind of sex dream after a boss or teacher. This is your subconscious fulfilling fantasies, and also seeking a talent you may have in common with this celebrity. Plus, celebrities are people we look up to. This dream may mean you're seeking the same respect that celebrity gets.

That hot guy in your accounting class.

Your study session of crunching numbers together has quickly turned into getting wild on the tables of Bird Library. The kid you sneak glances at during class has finally weaseled his way into one of your dreams (in the best way possible). Your dream is acting out the true intentions that you had during that disgustingly platonic study session. This dream is pure fantasy so try your best to not wake up.

Your guy friend that you share a wonderfully platonic relationship with.

No one wants to wake up in a cold sweat because their dream featured their guy friend that should strictly stay a friend, because he kind of smells. Yes, it’s weird that you had a dream about him, but you have a connection on some level, otherwise he wouldn’t have stayed a friend for this long. You admire your friends and that’s probably why he was in your dream. Or you want to have sex with him, sorry.

Don’t be too alarmed by your sex dreams. Even people that are in relationships can often have sex dreams with people other than their partner. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they have a desire to find pleasure somewhere else. All humans admire others, and all humans dream dirty.