How To Handle The "Let's Go Back To My Place" Proposition

3.GohomeorNAHPhoto by Adham Elsharkawi

It’s Thursday. You’ve had a long week and only have one class on Friday. So what do you do to close out this stressful school week? You go out. But you don’t just go out. Oh no. You go all out. Top notch. Hair straightened. Make-up flawless. And a brand new outfit that you rip the tag off of.

You’ve earned this. You need it. And most importantly, you’re wondering if this hard work is going to be worth it or if it will go to waste. Are you going to see a cute boy tonight and send him signals from across the bar? Are you going to walk down frat row and hope someone invites you to a party? Yes you are. Because you went the extra mile to look super cute tonight and you want a boy to flirt with you, and who knows, maybe more.

Now that you got to your destination and a boy (a very cute boy, I might add) approaches you, you begin to talk with him. He very kindly gets you a drink and from there the assessment begins. He’s attractive, he’s funny, he’s seems like a catch, and that’s when he drops the question. “Do you want to go back to my room?” Now your wheels are turning. Questions are racing through your head but all you answer with is a yes or a no. Every second counts, people.

Here are all the things you have to consider:

  1. Does he seem like a genuine guy?

Yeah he’s all smooth talk now, but can you see through his cliché lines? Does he mean what he says when he tells you that you’re the most beautiful girl at the bar, or is that just a frequent comment that he pulled out of his pocket? If you’re just another girl to use that line on, then your answer is no. You’re a catch and he should’ve known better.

  1. Does he have a roommate/s?

This could be awkward. If he lives in a split double that’s a plus, or if he’s old enough to live off campus and have his own room he definitely gets bonus points, but it could still be uncomfortable. Although, if he lives alone that’s a little creepy too. Pretty much, if his roommates are OK with you coming back for the night, then go for it. But if he has an open double or sketchy roommates, then definitely think twice unless his roommates are sleeping elsewhere.

  1. Do you have obligations the next day?

Sure he has no roommates and he seems like a catch, but if you have something important to do the next morning it’s probably not a good idea to give him the green light. You don’t want to wake up and complicate your morning any more than it is already destined to be. So think logically when you respond. If you have something penciled in for the next day, I would advise declining. But if tomorrow is going to be a breeze for you, you may be able to squeeze him in your schedule.

  1. Will there be food at his place?

Everything seems promising, but there is only one problem: you’re starving. And you snagged a to-go box from Ernie, stocked it with food, and you have leftover sushi all in your fridge. But that’s the problem, it's all in your fridge. You were really looking forward to that, but you were also really looking forward to going out and getting your flirt on. So now what?

Ladies, if he’s worth the sacrifice of your loaded fridge then you should not pass this up. And if he isn’t, turn the tables on him. “Do you want to go back to my place?” If he says yes, it’s a win, win.