How to Talk About Female Masturbation


Photo courtesy of Chaz Delgado It is a given that guys masturbate. They are always talking about masturbating, coming up with different expressions for it such as, “beating meat,” “jerking off,” or “nutting.” Sometimes, girls are a little shyer to talk about it, most likely because how weirdly taboo it is to think that girls do it too. Female masturbation has been around since the dawn of time with thousands of women throughout history and thousands of women to this day, finding methods and makeshift devices to indulge in a bit of solo sexy time. There is really nothing to be ashamed of.

While it may be deemed “gross” and “un-ladylike,” I think it is actually a great way to become in tune with female sexuality and claim power over your body. Life is just better when you do it. Masturbating can improve your health, it reduces stress levels, can shorten or delay your menstrual cycle, and overall improves your mood. Plus, when you are able to understand your body better and discover for yourself what gets you off, it can also improve your sex life.

It seems like one of those things that are just easier for guys to talk about since they seem to pride themselves in how often they jerk off in a day. While it may be one of those things that you keep to yourself, try to talk about it with a gal pal that you have a really close relationship with. A best friend won’t judge (that is kind of their job) and chances are they masturbate too so they wouldn’t be able to judge without looking a little hypocritical, anyway.

It starts with a simple question and a willingness to share your own experiences, “Have you masturbated too?” While it might be a difficult topic to tackle, even with your closest friends, keeping an open mind, being a good listener, and keeping the environment a non judgmental zone, are all good ways to start a discussion on female masturbation. For example, some girls have different names for female masturbation, referring to it as “jerking off” or “fingering oneself.” Whatever you call it, it’s still pretty cool to learn more about others’ perspectives on it. You don’t have to go into graphic detail about your tales of masturbation to your friends if you don’t want to, it’s just one of those things that talking about decreases the stigma that it is a bad thing to do.

Masturbate to your heart’s desire like the powerfully sexual goddess you are.