How to use Music to Asses How Drunk You Are

unspecified There is a definite scale when it comes to a night of drinking (or day drinking) that was put into place by the Gods of Alcohol. Whether you are trying to decide if you should take one more shot of Svedka or if you should shotgun that half-empty, grape Four Loko in your fridge, this scale was established so you can assess exactly how fucked up you are.

When reflecting back on all the (probably poor) decisions you made the next morning, it's difficult to identify all of your drunk states. Here’s a better way to remember all the levels of drunk you were. The technique is known as “Drunk Headphones,” simulating what songs would have been playing at each shot you took.

“House Party” - Sam Hunt

You are sober and it’s been a long day of classes. You forgot to write that response essay for your art history class that was due today, not to mention ran out of hummus cups before you could snag one. You are trying to unwind, so you pull a beer out of the fridge to sip on.

“Jordan Belfort”- Wes Walker

You took some time to recover from your rough day of classes and are so ready to go out. You invite 20 of your closest acquaintances over to pregame and you all start ripping shots.

“How Deep is Your Love”- Calvin Harris

You don’t give a shit. You are sweaty and cramped in the sad excuse of a bar known as "DJ's," and you just want to dance.

“Leave, Get Out”- JoJo

Your friends made you leave the bathroom after you met this really nice girl in line. You guys bonded as she told you about her dream of becoming a veterinarian and having four kids. You miss her already.

“Wild For the Night”- A$AP Rocky

You decided to leave the bar because you are hungry (why else would someone leave). You and your squad stumble down Marshall Street, trying to make it to Jimmy Johns with the "free smells" guiding you.

The drunk scale ranges widely from sober to end-of-the-universe blackout, and there are many different levels of drunk in-between. Putting on your drunk headphones always helps you to remember how fucked up you were and who you need to apologize to the next morning.

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