In With The Old: On the Runway

maxresdefault Welcome back to the runway, Paris Hilton. By the looks of it, the favorite blonde beauty had a blast returning to the runway recently for NYFW—that’s the acronym for New York Fashion Week for all you hermits out of touch with the fashion industry.

The socialite and heiress to the Hilton Hotel franchise strutted her stuff on British designer Christian Cowan’s debut New York runway. Instead of doting over the looks and models front row, as she always does, Hilton proved herself yet again to the people of NYC that only she could close a show in a most outrageous metallic scaled dress and, of course, look fabulous doing it.

In 2006, the American poster child for aristocracy released the song “Stars Are Blind.” Don’t bother listening to it, because we have, and let’s just say, it’s not worth the three minutes and fifty-three seconds of your life. If you feel you must however, see below:

Although it may be a little bit catchy, it’s obvious that this was the making of a pretty little rich girl who got bored and decided to use Daddy’s mulah to start a music career.

Back to Fashion Week—Hilton killed the catwalk modeling two very different, but equally interesting, ensembles. Designer Christian Cowan is new to the fashion world, having recently graduated from London College of Fashion, but regardless of his rookie status, he knew exactly who to turn to in order for the press to yearn from more. Slapping some stars on an all white, two-piece high turtleneck ensemble with a splash of underboob, Hilton debuted her first look of the night. The star **pun intended** later took to Instagram to immortalize the look with a caption that reminds us why we appreciate self-loathing so much. The caption read: #StarsAreBlind, an ode to Hilton’s infamous 2006 single. What’s better than an elite making fun of her short-lived music career? We’ve all been doing it for years, and this time Paris took a shot at it.

paris1The second look of the night, a little more on the outrageous side, gave us a little taste of what it would’ve been like if Elsa the ice queen and Cinderella’s fairy godmother got together and tripped acid. If you’re curious about what that would look like, see below outrageous masterpiece:

Another woman who graced us with her presence on the runway that night was none other than Caitlyn Jenner, herself… but in a more unconventional way. One of Cowan’s pieces made its way down the runway as a dress with the face from the infamous Vanity Fair cover of Jenner. Cowan spoke only highly of Jenner when questioned by Refinery 29. “"I think Caitlyn got a lot of flack for coming out and doing what she did, but she brought the caitlynconversation to households across America and the world,” says Cowan.

We are forever grateful to the designer for reminding us on the runway that unique never goes out of style. A (sort-of) debut by Caitlyn Jenner, and the comeback of the 36 year-old resident of the runway reminded us that it truly is possible to achieve your dreams. That is, of course, if your last name is Jenner, or Hilton. If not, well, get in line with the rest of us that are dreaming of our big breaks. These celeb-inspirations may be a bit old, and a bit outdated, but we’re all about breaking the ageist mold for women in fashion.