iPad 3 Makes Its Debut

By Shea Garner The rumor mill has spun furiously in the weeks leading up to March 7, Apple’s expected announcement date of the eagerly anticipated iPad 3. The third generation of Apple’s revolutionary tablet computer arrives during a bittersweet yet exciting time in the company’s history.

Apple’s visionary leader Steve Jobs passed away just hours after the launch of the iPhone 4s, making the iPad 3 Apple’s first Jobs-less tentpole release. CEO Tim Cook will take the stage on March 7 to introduce the world to the next version of the company’s best-selling iPad.

So what can consumers expect from the iPad 3? JERK is here to break down the rumored additions that Apple has in store for their third generation tablet:

Retina Display - Much like the drastic visual upgrade that occurred with the introduction of the iPhone 4, the iPad 3 will boast an impressive “retina display.” The display, 2048x1536, will carry twice the density of pixels and feature a much sharper image than the iPad 2. World of Warcraft has never looked so good. WoW!

Quad Core - Nope, we’re not talking about a workout. Apple recently introduced their A6 processor in the iPhone 4s—and we’re not talking about an Audi either. The quad core processor allows for stunningly fast switching and loading between apps and other features. Remember when a dual-core processor was a big deal in 2000? Intel-inside no more.

4G - While AT&T and Verizon are not even capable of an actual 4G network (right now), there is still room for improvement when it comes to mobile web-surfing speed. A QUALCOMM chipset embedded in the iPad 3 along with a speedier network from the provider will make this the fastest mobile web device to date.

Do these new features get you excited for the release of the iPad 3?

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