It's Time to Say Goodbye to Your All-Black Wardrobe


Print We all know black is flattering, effortless, and probably something most Syracusians resort to on a daily basis. But it’s also boring. As we put away our winter parkas, let’s stuff away our head-to-toe black outfits too. After all, spring is here, colors are fun, and we can all do better.

1. Red-dy to Begin


Let’s start simple — we don’t need to throw every black piece of clothing out the window just yet. Start with dark bottoms and a black tank, and then toss this sheer shirt on top. For those black clothing addicts out there, this is the look for you.

2. Orange You Glad You’re Not Wearing Black?


Use color to draw eyes to your favorite feature. Black is concealing, but a bright color will let you show what you’ve got. For example: love your booty? Wear this skirt.

3. Not-so-Mellow Yellow


Dip your toes in the color wheel by starting with something simple, like shoes. These espadrilles are cushy and breathable, perfect for trekking across our hilly campus when the sun comes out.

4. Green as the Grass Under the Snow


LBD’s are great, but why not try a little green dress? The detailing in the back draws attention to your shoulders and spices up a simple silhouette.

5. Babe in Blue


This bright blue romper cinches at the waist to create curves you don’t have or highlight what you do have. Just throw it on and you’re good to go.

6. Purpley Pants


For when your 15 pairs of black leggings are all dirty and you’re too lazy to do the laundry. Consider them the upgraded version of the pastel skinny jeans that you loved in high school.

Art by Shawna Rabbas