Jackie Chan’s Steep Competition

With karate kid moves, these athletes make climbing ladders look easy

By Sean Sweeney

Vykrel’s Youtube comment sums this spectacle up perfectly. This video, a lame excuse for an attempt at the firemen Olympics, is probably more entertaining than any Rush Hour movie. Rush Hour 2 was good, but this would make for a perfect Olympic event. Chalk it up right next to curling.

The first time seeing this, I laughed. The second time, I realized this ladder climbing business must be really hard. . The race starts off with them sprinting about 50 yards carrying full ladders. Divulging from my many years of experience with ladders, I remember dreading moving ladders even 10 feet. After that, my arms are always on fire.

These guys must be insanely fit to do this:

These cats are racing around like the ladders are plastic. Their workouts—hell, their practices—must have been brutal.

Spiderman would be impressed with the speed these guys use to cover three stories. I swear I thought for a second I was watching a wolf spider run up the corner of my wall. Then, the exchange between climbing up the ladder and pushing it up to the next floor is just poetry in motion. Beautiful. It’s like these guys were born to do this, and were more than likely the kids clamoring to put the high ornaments up on the Christmas tree.

Someone out there has to know exactly what sport/competition this is. I tried to find out, but got distracted by the Discovery Channel when they put on some guy being chased by elephants. Everyone needs to pitch in and get this sport to the Olympics. File a petition or something because this is what TiVo was made for.

Sean Sweeney is a regular contributor to The Greasy Pole.