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I walk around campus and see people of all hair colors, eye colors, and skin colors. So much diversity exists here at Syracuse University, and many students embrace that through their fashion. Fashion has the power to unite people of all backgrounds because it is a form of self-expressing art. Whether you know it or not, SU has a lot fashionistas who have really unique senses of style and are not afraid to express themselves through fashion. One cloudy day on my way to class, I came across three beautifully dressed girls who embody the epitome of fall street style that balances between comfort and confidence. This is how it went down. Phelicia Ball


Can you describe your personal style? The best way to describe my style is versatile. I prefer not to conform to one specific style because it all really depends on my mood. I have so many different pieces in my closet and I enjoy mixing and matching various different pieces. I genuinely get joy out of doing this. My personal style reflects how I live my day-to-day life. I enjoy stepping outside of my comfort zone and trying new things and I believe that is exactly what my style portrays.

Who is your favorite designer/biggest fashion inspiration? My favorite designer is by far Hubert de Givenchy and my biggest fashion inspiration is Rihanna Fenty. These two fashion icons are never afraid to step out of their comfort zone through their pieces of clothing.

Ramona Yun


Can you describe your personal style? My style is a little bit of everything between less is more and anything goes. I love to stand out and be innovative. Some days I like to match it all depends on my mood, which is usually happy.

Who is your favorite designer/biggest fashion inspiration? Fashion designer- Currently is of course Karl Lagerfeld-Chanel and Alexander wang and balmain- Olivier. Fashion inspiration- Rihanna and Kim K.

Kortney Kassler


Can you describe your personal style? My personal style is edgy-meets-trendy. I try my best to keep up on the latest fashion while picking clothes that I feel comfortable in.

Who is your favorite designer/biggest fashion inspiration? My biggest fashion inspiration would have to be Leighton Meester. She can look stunning in absolutely anything and always looks put together.

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