Jerk’s Top 6 Soundtracks to Indie Films


paloalto_dvdreview_splash650 There’s a reason why Indie movies leave you with some lingering feels after you’re finished watching. Usually either: “Wow this was beautiful, why can’t my life be like that?” or: “Why did anyone make this piece of shit?” In both scenarios, you leave feeling a little more complete than you did before you watched it. If you disagree, go watch one of these indie movies. What are the biggest contributors to this full-hearted feeling? The soundtracks that go along with these spectacular indie films. Here are just a few of our faves, along with their top songs to get you started.

Harry Gamble’s Birthday Party:

Happy-go-lucky summer vibes

Palo Alto:

You can never go wrong with the weirdness of Coconut Records

Hunt for the Wilderpeople:

Lots of synth and heavy drums. Feels like the soundtrack from Stranger Things.

Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie

Anything La Roux is absolutely amazing

Perfect song for getting ready in the morning or when you’re just feeling yourself

Everybody Wants Some:

If you don’t like Stevie Nicks then do you really know what life is about?.

A staple for every indie movie.


70’s no worries vibes

Beautiful compilation of drums, southern twang, and a feel-good-all-American-sound

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