Get To Know The Hilarious Jilly Hendrix With Our One-on-One


This story appeared in the February 2018 issue of Jerk Magazine and was written by Caroline Schagrin. We caught up Jilly Hendrix this issue to hear her some of her dating advice, thoughts on Valentine’s Day, and how she uses comedy to deal with emotions. Among many things, Hendrix hosts Lady Lovin’, a podcast dedicated to empowering women through topical interviews with her two best friends, created a hilarious Instagram account, @notestomyselfie, and is the Vice President behind Fuck Jerry’s social media.

Jerk Magazine: What's your favorite piece of dating advice to give?

Jilly Hendrix: Always be yourself and do what feels comfortable! Don't overthink (lol).

JM: How do you use @notestomyselfie to deal with emotions or is it strictly comedy? Do you think comedy helps deal with emotions?

JH: When I first started posting notes I loved how people reacted to the statements because it made me feel less alone. Like "Ok cool, everyone else feels this way too." I like to tackle depression and loneliness in my comedy because I feel like people are always so afraid to not be perfect. Especially on social media. Everyone is always trying to put out a fake persona. I like to over exaggerate the imperfections and awkward experiences because really that's what makes life so great. I do think comedy helps deal with emotions because its always positive to laugh at yourself.

JM: What has been the most rewarding/challenging part of Lady Lovin?

JH: The most rewarding would have to be all of the emails and messages from our listeners. We have such amazing listeners and we love hearing how the podcast has helped so many women. The most challenging would have to be scheduling!

JM: Who are three badass women you think everyone should know about right now?

JH: SZA, Lauren Kassan & Audrey Gelman who founded The Wing, Elaine Welteroth

JM: In terms of juggling your podcast, Fuck Jerry, blogs, and DJing, how do you do it all?

JH: A lot of time in my office and I plan out every hour of the day. I'm typically at my office by 830 and I don't get home till around 10. I don't work on Saturdays but always on Sundays. I think the hardest thing about my work is being online all of the time and feeling like I can't miss anything in the social space.

JM: What keeps you motivated/balanced?

JH: The fact that people tell me no all of the time. I always want to prove everyone wrong. I don't know if that’s a good thing, but I do love it when I accomplish something that someone told me I'd never do. I really believe that if you want to do something just do it and it will happen. Life is just a Nike ad. Exercise keeps me balanced. That and a great cocktail.

JM: Lastly, what are your thoughts on Valentine's Day?

JH: To me Valentines Day is not that big of a deal. I think people put so much pressure on this holiday and feeling alone or not doing the perfect thing for their significant other. If you're in love then celebrate it how you want, if you're not still celebrate. Being single is cool too. People forget that everything is going well if you're alive.