Joker "The Vision"

By Sarah Lamar TOP TRACK: "The Vision (Let me breathe)"

BOTTOM TRACK: "The magic causeway"

2 Nancies

Often accredited with helping shape the UK's dubstep/grime scene, Joker was expected to push the genre forward in his first full-length album The Vision. Unfortunately, it falls short of being any music genius's masterpiece, playing out like a recycling bin of sounds, sampling even the likes of Euro-club pop, which we'd rather just forget. With tracks like "Tron" and "The Vision (Let Me Breathe)," Joker begins well within his electronic, soul-shaking dubstep style. It gets ugly halfway through the album, however, as he switches into the painful world of faux-epic RPG music—one where no final boss ever appears. With an anticlimactic finale of stale R&B pop tracks, listeners are left wondering what exactly was Joker's vision.