Juice Jam 2017 Lineup Announced

Jerk's Guide To Juice Jam The anniversary of that time you threw up in your friend's hands is upon us once again: Juice Jam.

On September 10th at 12:15pm you can relive that puke-stained memory. It’s not Coachella but it’s truthfully what you deserve. We don’t know who the fuck pulls this shit off every year but thank you. We here at Jerk are loving this trail mix of a line up: there’s something in it for everyone. Tickets will go on sale August 29th through August 31st for $20 each. Jerk has compiled a quick guide on this years acts and a Spotify playlist of the songs we’re looking forward to.

For the people who love raging face...

jack u


Thomas Wesley Pence, a.k.a. Diplo, is a sweet Mississippi honey who just wanted to be a paleontologist, but fell into the dark and twisted world of DJing. When he is not being a Snapchat zaddy, he can be found moonlighting as one-third of the Major Lazer trio and shipping Daenerys and Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.

Sounds like: Flosstradamus, NGTHMRE, Dillon Francis, Katy Perry’s wet dreamz

For the people who are back on their bullshit...

mo nights with you

Inspired, as most of us are, by the Spice Girls, MØ is a Danish singer-songwriter. Pronouced like “moo,” her name is derived from the initials of her full name. Like every good Cuse girl, MØ loves sushi, hates the dark and sometimes thinks she can see ghosts. Her collab with Diplo, “Lean On”, was Spotify’s top streamed song in 2015. Are you craving an IRL collab as much as we are?

Sounds like: Banks, AlunaGeorge, MS MR, seniors moo-ing at Freshman

For the people who have no filter or fucks to give... the booty tape

Ugly God

This Indiana native is known for Twitter proverbs such as “A cup is just a boneless bucket” and for wearing live geckos as nose rings. At 20-years-old, he has dropped “The Booty Tape” which rose to the 30th spot on Billboard's Top Albums of 2017. When Ugly God isn’t spitting absolute truth on his songs, you can find him chasing down Pokemon.

Sounds like: Lil Uzi Vert, Amine, 21 Savage, Lil Dicky, your drunken rants

For the people who still have All Time Low on their recently played artists...



Just another L.A.-based, indie rock band, Smallpools is just guys being dudes. They will wreck you at hip-hop bingo and love doing group high fives before hitting the stage. Honestly, they just seem like the cute, nice boys your mom is always asking about, but you’ll never actually date.

Sounds like: Bleachers, Hippo Campus, truly not throwing shade but All Time Low, GroupLove

For the people who love the underdog...

jeremy zucker

Jeremy Zucker

We’re not sure what to expect from this born and raised New Jersey musician, other than strong opinions about bagels and traffic patterns. Zucker is quickly making his mark, signing with Republic Records and collaborating with everyone’s favorite sad boi Blackbear. He claims his lyrics are Tumblr-worthy, but you can be the judge of that.

Sounds like: Quinn XCII

Jerk's Juice Jam 2017 Playlist

Check out our playlist so you can at least pretend to know these lyrics in two weeks. Catch us in the silent disco, quietly moshing and craving a free corndog. If you’re a freshman it’s time to see what Syracuse is really made of. And if you’re a senior...good fucking luck.