Just to be Clear...

162418m133016_1 This season’s hottest shoes look more like something you would buy at Home Depot than at a high-end department store. The now infamous Perspex boot is perhaps one of the most puzzling fashion anomalies we’ve seen in a while. They look like the grown-up version of the beloved jelly sandals you had as a kid, back in fighting form. Celebs like Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have been caught strutting around town in these, but are they more suited for a Jetson rather than a Jet-Setter? People either love them or they hate them, but like it or not, lately they’ve been everywhere.

Photo courtesy of evoke.ie

Thankfully, we’re not the only ones who are puzzled by these shoes, which look like a cross between a go-go boot and a roll of plastic wrap. By now, hopefully everyone has seen the hilarious video of comedian Jessica Moore, who savagely roasts a friend when asked if she thinks clear or black-tinted Perspex boots are more practical for going out. A true friend, Moore asserts that the boots, “look like a fuckin’ hefty bag with a shot glass on the back,” as her friend sulks over More’s lack of compassion. Still convinced the boots are a fashion do, Moore points out the boots make her friend “look science-lab ready.”

Moore raises several other good arguments questioning the shoe’s functionality. She recognizes that the wearer must have immaculately maintained feet in order to make the look work because the boot showcases the whole foot. Then there’s the issue of ventilation. From the looks of things, there isn’t much of it, so things are bound to get steamy in there, not to mention sweaty AF.

Maybe it’s the Kanye effect. Ever since Yeezy debuted clear-heeled boots and sandals as part of his latest collection, plastic boots have seemingly spiked in popularity, dominating Instagram feeds and inspiring loads of knock-offs. In their defense, they do go with everything, but unless you’re a Kardashian or just really into your own feet, it’s doubtful that the average person can confidently pull these off day-to-day.

Clear fashion has made its way into other subtle and some not-so-subtle clothing components, from plastic accessories, to full-blown plastic skirts and tops. While transparent glasses are having a moment right now and plastic handbags may be a cool nod to the early `00s, rigid plastic clothing seems like a bit much (and probably really uncomfortable). Like most good things, the transparent trend is best used in moderation. Opting for some see-through plastic framed glasses or a Lucite heeled boot can spice up your wardrobe, but overdoing it will leave you with nothing to hide behind (literally).

Transparent fashion is definitely a trend that can cater to both the more understated and the bolder fashionistas out there. It’s having its moment and making waves in the most unlikely and unexpected ways. How far the trend will go and how long it’s here to stay are maybe the least clear parts about it.


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