Kimye on the Runway?


BY: Miss Swan Paris fashion week is undoubtedly one of the biggest and hottest events of the year, attended by those considered relevant in the fashion world. So who other than this seasons spotlight couple, the closely followed Kimye, to be seen front row at Givenchy’s fall 2013 show?

The duo has been hard at work on their separate clothing lines. With Kimmy K’s latest Kardashian Kollection for Kmart, I mean Sears, we sure hope she has been taking close note to those couture lines for inspiration to her next exclusive pair of pleather leggings or velour, ‘K’ embossed sweats.

Boy toy Kanye West has also been spotted prior to last week’s excursion abroad at this season’s New York Fashion Week. After his LinkedIn job postings for help with the new ‘Kanye West Clothing Project’, we can count on his innovative use of social media networking to send his clothing line soaring to next year’s best show to attend. I mean, who wouldn’t want to drop $120 on a white t-shirt that could be mistaken for a Hanes? Let alone a $280 hoodie that I’m pretty sure I got as a bar-mitzvah party favor back in the 7th grade.

Designers have been reluctant to let the pair into their shows fearing their clothing will be directly copied. An insider from the New York Fashion Week speculates they are “desperate for ideas on what’s hot.”

Let’s just hope baby Knorth West has luck in attaining actual success from her creativity because as evidence shows it’s clear that it has skipped a generation.

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