Kinsey says...

Time for males to combat female bisexuality with affectionate displays of their own

In 1948, after studying sexual behavior for some time, Alfred Kinsey created a seven-part scale to define the varying levels of sexual orientation. While some people fall on either end of the spectrum (0 being 100-percent straight and 6 being exclusively homosexual), Kinsey determined that most human beings actually fall somewhere in the middle. To this day, no one can scientifically prove his theory wrong.

This scale suggests that experimental sorority girls who make out with one another while all the boys watch, may actually be unveiling their true bisexuality. This scale of sexuality makes it nearly impossible to judge a college LUG (lesbian until graduation), or a bi-curious freshman who engages in a threesome with her roommate and her boyfriend because homosexual tendencies are natural and – dare I say it – normal.

And yet we don’t see more men locking lips at house parties or asking their girlfriends for a threesome with another dude. Unfortunately for all these men who fall along the middle of Kinsey’s spectrum, male-dominated heteronormative society only drools over girly “straight” chicks who make out with other girly straight chicks, leaving bisexual men in a state of self-loathing and insecurity.

Travis Judd, a recent Syracuse University graduate who identifies as bisexual, thinks that more women experimenting freely with their sexuality is a huge step in the right direction for the bisexual community, since mainstream LGBT issues tend to focus on gay and lesbian rights, whether it be fighting to repeal DOMA, Prop 8 or Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. However, he also wishes society would be more accepting of bisexual men as well. “Obviously the fact that it’s only females is something to take into consideration. Whether it’s true or not, it’s accepted by everyone. If a man were to do that, it wouldn’t be the same reaction.”

And it’s no wonder why men feel a sense of self-homophobia that prevents them from following any bisexual desires, when the synonyms for “homosexual” on Urban Dictionary include derogatory slurs like “faggot,” “stupid bitch,” “fairy,” “flamer,” “retard,” “butt pirate,” and “fudge packer.” Even on, related words on the same page include “bent,” “deviant,” “kinky,” “lascivious,” and “salacious.” Meanwhile, every day a new schoolgirl-on-schoolgirl video pops up on YouTube and another female celeb announces she’s bi.

There’s got to be a cure for this kind of hypocrisy, and here’s where to start: Guys, you’ve got to show up those female bi-curious show-offs, band together and run the risk of fucking whomever you want. Kiss a boy while standing at a major intersection and then hold hands as you cross the street. It’s time you took a stand against a straight male world and made it just a little bit gayer.

And ladies, the next time you catch yourself hitting on another girl at your boy toy’s party, unless you’re sincerely into that chick, shut the fuck up. And if you do mean it, ditch the dude, take her to bed and experience the full power of the pussy.

Kinsey would be proud.

Meghan Russell is a regular web contributor to Pride Fever