Long-Distance Sex: The Good, Bad and Mortifying


Charlotte Horton

In any relationship, whether it be with your significant other from home, from college, or "just a friend", the topic of long-distance sex may someday come into play. And by “long-distance sex,” I mean many things, be it sexting, sending naughty pictures, phone sex, and -- for those of you who are more hardcore -- Skype sex. A not-so-shocking study that was reported in Cosmopolitan states that 85% of men like it when their girl “gives it to them good over the phone.” But just as you have to protect yourself during (real) sex, you have to keep yourself safe with long-distance sex as well, just obviously not in the same ways.

The Good

The "goods" are obvious for the most part. Taking part in long-distance sex reminds couples that they still have a sexual element to their relationship. It helps knowing that they have a good thing going when the occasional urges to cheat may come into play. That’s not to say that all couples engage in long-distance sex, but for the naughty, keeping that sexual flame going is essential; however distant they may be, this might be the biggest factor in keeping couples together and faithful. Other advantages of using technology to release some hormones help in the releasing stress factor as well as a practice run for fulfilling your fantasies.

The Bad

Though it may seem harmless in the moment, there are bad effects of long-distance sex. The biggest thing to be conscience of are the naughty pictures and videos. In the heat of the moment, and especially when you really trust someone, sending a dirty picture of yourself can be more than fun, it can be exhilarating! But much like everything else we put our bodies through in our 20's, there is always a downside.

No, you won’t contract an STD, but think of what could happen post-breakup with those pictures and videos sitting on your exes hard drive. You’re not thinking in terms of “hey, we will probably break up one day, I can’t send that,” but it’s a real thing to understand. Most college relationships don't last so protect yourself and most importantly, protect your reputation.

How to Stay Safe:

1. If you must send a dirty pic, always crop your face out. Let’s say your boyfriend becomes an evil ex and sends a picture. It’d be a million times worse having to excuse why there’s a naked picture of you going around, than simply denying it’s even you.

2. Make sure neither party is ever recording when Skype sexual activity is going on. Can you imagine having a video of you touching yourself going viral?

3. ALWAYS make sure you’re texting/messaging the right person when sending your dirty picture or message. It could get a little tricky having to explain to Mom why she just got a text that said “I want to feel you deep inside of me.” And that’s pretty tame from the things I know ya’ll are sending each other.

Remember to always do what feels right for you and keeps you safe. You never know what will happen, and when it comes to sex, that's exactly why it's the best and worst. And on that note, just pray that you never skyrocket to fame if your sex tape with a '90s teen actress' brother leaks, because the world does not need another Kim Kardashian.