JERK on Lucy's Reopening


Jerk on Lucy's Reopening from JERK Magazine on Vimeo.

Multimedia: Laura Kellerman, Matt Sacca, Grace Crummett, and Lauren Burrell

If you've ventured out into Marshall Street's night life recently, you've probably noticed that getting into Harry’s or DJ’s has been nearly impossible. Ever since Chucks and Lucy’s closed their doors last semester, the lines to the remaining bars have literally been crazier than a Yeezy sneaker drop.

And while the Chucks shutdown was so sad for so many reasons, Lucy’s closing was simply more annoying, given its 18+ entry. Odds are if you’re standing in line for DJ’s sweating your ass off, or you're outside Harry’s realizing that your shitty Connecticut fake won’t get in, you’ll likely hear cries like, “When the fuck is Lucy’s going to open again?!”

The good news is that Lucy’s is most likely going to open within the next few weeks, but if you haven’t tried going to DJ’s and Harry’s yet this semester, it's only right you hear an SU student's first-hand account of the horror...

My friends and I approached DJ’s last Tuesday, confident our ~exclusive~ bar tab wristbands guaranteed entry. Except we quickly realized everyone in line had a wristband, too. So there we stood, shoving our way to the front through a sweaty mess of bodies. But just as we finessed our way to the front, the bouncer slammed the door shut. Livid and appalled at the aggression, we decided to trek to Harry’s. While the Harry's line appeared mor civilized, it was still 80 people deep. Not happening. In a last-ditch effort to scheme a red bull vodka after a stressful week, we tried the second entrance of DJ’s. Finally, after more waiting, being pushed, and getting yelled at, we make it to the bouncer and peak inside... not a goddamn soul was in there! It made no sense. I swore I turned 21 in the time we were waiting. Not to mention, cover was $15 and most of us had only brought $10. So with that we walked back up the hill feeling defeated and bruised.

Lucy’s this is for you, from the bottom of our alcoholic hearts, PLEASE OPEN LIKE YESTERDAY!