Masturbation Habits We Should Start Owning Up To



Ladies, it’s about time we chat about our favorite pastime—masturbation. There’s no denying it, we all schedule a little play date here and there with our hand or favorite toy. So, let's talk about all the lovely little quirks and habits that come along with cumming.

Watching Porn

Guys aren’t the only ones who take an interest in the Internet’s treasure chest of adult entertainment, us gals like it too. What isn’t there to love about pornography? Whether it's some juicy girl on girl action or a good old-fashioned orgy, there’s nothing quite like watching other people fuck. Although you probably erase your search history the second after you finish, there’s no need to pretend that porn is just for dudes.

Rubbing > Fingering

No one knows how to please you better than yourself. The great thing about taking duties into your own hands is that you don’t need to pretend to enjoy it because—plot twist—you actually do. For some reason, there's a misconception that fingering a woman is the skeleton key to helping her achieve climax. This is not so. I mean don’t get us wrong, you might hit the jackpot and find someone with fingers long enough to bee-line it straight to your G-spot, but these magic fingers are rare ones. With that being said, the clit is for the win and rubbing it can open the floodgates.


There's nothing more entertaining than conjuring up scenarios that (most likely) will never occur. Whether your steamy thoughts feature the hot dad with tattoos you saw at Trader Joe's or your 7th grade English teacher, there is no shame in some dirty thoughts. If anything, the people starring in your visions should feel honored to make the cut.

Water jets

We have one word for you: showerheads. We’ve all tried it; but, if you haven’t, I send my regards, because you’re most likely a big fat liar. Good water pressure and the perfect angle can do the deed in a matter of minutes. What is there to feel bashful about? You’re basically killing two birds with one stone—a nice, hot shower with a happy ending. Own that shit, girl.

Using toys, especially ones on the larger side

It's a fact that the dildo is the best invention to ever enter the palm of our hands. Sometimes it just doesn’t cut it, though. We know what you’re hiding at the bottom of your drawer, and it’s time to break it out shamelessly. Yes, we're talking about big, vibrating dildos. Bigger is better, so to hell with your fuck buddy who can’t deliver every inch you need.

Doing it when you’re bored

Friday night, no plans, just you and your boredom. What do you resort to? Masturbating and passing out? Seems like a solid move. We can all agree that the best time to do it is when you’re alone and have absolutely nothing to do. Pop on some Game of Thrones and touch yourself to Jon Snow. We know you want to.