The Next “It” Trend: Embroidery


As a college girl surrounded by thousands of other people just like me, I am always looking out for the coolest new trend in fashion. Recently, I have discovered embroidery. I love embroidery because it can be a simple, small addition to an article of clothing or it can transform the whole garment. Embroidery has been seen on t-shirts, denim jackets, jeans, and more. Keep reading to find out how to incorporate embroidery into your wardrobe. 

Sweatshirts, T-shirts & More  

Brandy Melville is my go-to store for all things embroidery, without breaking the bank. From comfy t-shirts to long sleeves and sweats, there is tons of threadwork to choose from. The embroidery detail is simple, but adds something special to a plain shirt or sweatshirt. Brandy Melville is a great store to check out if you’re just hopping on the trend. 

Denim Jackets  

Denim jackets are already the ultimate cool-girl staple; adding a personalized touch will make yours even cooler. Roses are still trending, especially stitched on to your fave spring layering piece. We recommend scoping out embroidered jean jackets at Bloomingdales,  

Jeans & Jean Shorts  

Jeans might be the simplest way to try the trend. You can throw them on with a plain tank top, dress them up with a blouse, or even add a little flair to your basic jeans and a crop top going out look.  


Sweatpants are a great, lowkey way to introduce embroidery into your wardrobe.You can rock these sweats to class and cram for tests in style. Embroidery is the newest and coolest way to dress up your cozy clothes.   

Do It Yourself  

Here at Syracuse, we are lucky enough that we can get garments embroidered for free (YES FREE!) here on campus. MakerSpace, located in Kimmel Hall, allows you to embroider anything you want! Now you have no excuse not to try out embroidery on your plain jane blue jeans.