Obitchuary: Video Rental Stores

By Riyana Straetker

Blame falls on instant streaming and Redbox one-night rentals for ending the video store trips that were once a weekend staple. With cheap-as-Keystone prices and catering to people's laziness, Netflix and co. have irrevocably killed the rental store.

We mourn the loss of these iconic staples that were home to random indie flicks and curtained porn sections. Gone is the comfort of watching your movie all the way through, sans the annoying Megavideo 72-minute time limit. Your favorite checkout clerk—you know, the one with the best recommendations—is gone too. And no online downloading can beat the thrill of getting that one new release free, even if you had to rent two shitty movies along with it.

As the lives of video stores end, think back upon the endless candy offerings, oversized popcorn tubs, and second-hand VHS purchases—that is, while you're waiting for your movie to load.