Our Guidelines For Summer Hookups


By Julia Fuino It’s Summer. And with summer, comes late nights on the beach, bonfires, and drinks. While some socializing may be forced -- because we all thought we would be able to avoid certain poeple by now -- there's always the reward for all that fake grinning: the summer fling. I’m here to tell you the do’s, the don’ts and ins and outs of summer hook ups, starting with the ex you only see when you’re home.

It’s typical to have someone you stay in contact with whenever you come home from school. A lot of times, this person happens to be a friend, a past hook-up or in most cases, or an ex that you don’t really want to commit to (aside from a little late night rendez-vous here and there). With the ex, it’s really important that if you’re going to do it, keep it between the two of you and tell no one. The impression that hooking up with an ex gives is that you’re either not over them, using them, or can’t get anyone else. If none of those options sound appealing, and if you’re feeling like you need some late night action, my best advice would be to just find someone else. There are plenty of fish in the sea. Don’t get mixed up with the old and familiar that you left in the dust bin months ago. You’re over for a reason. If you can’t seem to do that, just keep your mouth shut and keep whatever happens between the sheets to yourself. A constant hookup is good, but when it comes to having that relationship with an ex, things get tricky, especially when one of you becomes romantically interested in someone else.

For those of you working this summer and want a little something with a co-worker, some advice for you as well. If it’s a silly job at an ice cream stand, by all means: go for it. Worse comes to worse, you stop seeing each other or things get awkward and you can’t scoop ice cream side by side as you once have. Summer is short lived and eventually it’ll make for a funny story.

If your job happens to be something serious in the field of your dreams: don’t be an idiot. I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain what that means, but I will anyway. Don’t go for it. In the worst case scenario, your fifty grand a year at Syracuse toward the job of your dreams will be a huge waste of precious time and money. Furthermore, it can potentially damage your reputation in the field of your choice, and impact your future internship opportunities significantly.

The great thing about summer hookups, and why they’re better than the school year hook up, is the distance that separates you from commitment. You don’t run into the person on campus and have to fake a smile or acknowledge whatever happened. It’s short lived. Also, the location possibilities for summer hook ups, in my opinion are not only endless, but way better than a fraternity bedroom.

Emma Stockett*, a senior, says the best summer hook up spot is in a hammock. “I have a lake house not too far from here and my childhood friend and I usually head for the hammock when I have the place to myself. It overlooks the water and my place is pretty private so it’s just perfect.”

Scott Owen*, a sophomore studying abroad in Italy says “Summer is a better scene for that stuff. Sun’s out, less clothes, everyone’s more relaxed. And now being in a foreign country it’s in a way more romantic. I think summer hookups are more romantic anyway, not saying they all become relationships, but I’ve always been a fan.”