People and Their Pieces


full There’s no bond quite like that between a college student and his or her bong. In honor of an important holiday coming up next month, we took a look at how students really feel about their bowls, bubblers, and other smoking pieces. And now that you’ve got Mary J on the mind, be sure to check out our 4/20 package in the April issue of Jerk.

1. "This is my bubbler, Falkor the Luckdragon. I named him this because he takes me on magical, high-flying otherworldly adventures, and was a lucky find after someone broke my first bubbler. Look at that craftsmanship — it's what love/sex/magic looks like. Also, don't watch The NeverEnding Story while stoned UNLESS YOU WANT TO UNLOCK THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE."


2. "My piece is nameless, but most people call it Sherlock. I got it because my best friend went to UVM for the summer and came back to Rhode Island with it and gave it to me and one other girl. But we don’t fuck with the other girl anymore so now I just keep it for myself.”


3. "This is my baby pot bear. He needs a bath right now, but that will probably never happen. He was my Christmas present from my roommate and is definitely in my top 10 presents of all time. Sometimes I get sketched out because he is plastic and that can't be good for me, right?"


4. "This is Frosty. He's is a Chuck B Sour Patch Kid 10MM rig. I bought it at a shop in San Diego last Saturday because I was high as fuck and knocked over my boyfriend's minitube and broke it. I don't fuck with cheap glass, and I always look for American artists, works of art. Hits real nice for it's size. This lil guy fucking chugs." 4

5. “Her name is Ja’mie, and she’s perfect — she’s spunky, fierce, and totally a feminist. We got her on a whim after our shitty, old plastic bong broke (RIP $18 Kwame). The first time we smoked with her, we watched two-hours worth of glass blowing videos on YouTube (we needed to learn her origins). The second time, we spent over $100 on arts and crafts materials. She’s the best spontaneous purchase we’ve ever made.”


6. “I don't have a name for my bowl, but it should probably be named along the lines of Herpes or Genital Warts. My bowl is consistently dirty and I keep it in a bag where I used to keep dryer sheets. So when people smoke out of it they insist they taste the dryer sheets. I don't mind. I think it gets me higher, so whatever. Due to the fact that there are all these little wart-like decorations and no one wants to put their lips on it I think Herpes is an adequate name. It sounds like a Greek god."


7. "Officially his name is Captain BarBowlsa (like Barbosa from Pirates of the Caribbean, hehe) and together we sail the high seas! But mostly I just call it my bowl, I got it because I like my smoking paraphernalia to be colorful and pretty but also I really like skulls. It's a pretty good bowl all in all."


8. "We named him Poseidon because he rules the High Seas. Poseidon has been passed down from one collector to another. It’s swirls and twists mimic the rough waters. Each hits feels a cool wave entering your lungs and encompasses your body in a euphoric high. Because of this, he was compelled to name to be named Poseidon – Ruler of the High Seas."


9. "I saw it in the store and didn't get it at first, but then thought about it for two days and realized I had to go back for it. It's a lefty bowl and I didn't know it at the time, but I'm a lefty too, so it's meant to be. Sometimes we stare into each others souls." 7

10. "Meet Zephyr. As my first bowl, he symbolizes new opportunities and the ideology that we should sometimes sit back and let the world do its thing. We should trust that the universe is putting us on the right path and that everything will work out the way it should. Having a little fun along the way can't hurt either. Zephyr continues to accompany me on exciting new adventures as we act on impulse to rebel against all of societies restraints." 10406986_10155323542235494_3355074420184031127_n

11. "It looks like a Candy Cane because I got it for Christmas. It also looks like a penis because I like dick! Everyone I know's mouth has been on it and she's taken a lot of smoking virginities. She definitely does demand some kind of redeeming new beginnings or fresh starts.” 2

12. “It was a cheapish buy for a cheapish high. The bowl attached was a gift from a friend and it’s a work in progress. I also keep my weed in a glass jar that use to contain fish flakes so my high always has a tinge of sea life.” 8