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BY: Kelley Rowland

From the “mani cam” at E’s red carpet to the intricately done nails on models during fashion week, it’s clear that painted fingernails are the accessory of the season. Luckily it’s one of the most inexpensive, convenient trends to follow, as they’re well… an extension of your body. Being fashionable doesn’t just mean wearing trendy clothes and shoes, but entails good grooming and attention to hair, make-up, and this season most especially, finger nails.

On the runway nail stylings ranged from embellished, elongated, to new versions of classic styles, like the French manicure. Designers ensured that the ensemble extended from head to toe and reveled the biggest nail trends for the season to be:

Metallic: They bring a big pop of shine to any outfit.

Gray: This neutral tone goes with anything and any season.

Embellished: 3D embellishments, from studs to bows are a great way to pump up your manicure.

Reverse French Manicure: A modern take on the classic paint job, the reverse French manicure strays from the typical pink and white nail and puts the thin edge on the inside instead of the out.

Black: Black is back, so if you’re striving for an intense, dark look black is the way to go.

So if you’re growing tired of your clothes and want to change things up a bit, nail painting will make every outfit a little different.

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