Piercings: The Perfect Ornament to Adorn Your Nipples with This Season


Photo by Chaz Delgado Pierced nipples have been a big trend ever since Rihanna, the queen of edginess, and Kendall Jenner, America’s next top model, started sporting transparent shirts that revealed their own boob jewelry. Two celebrities with different personalities, senses of style, and pretty much everything they could need showed that just about anyone can rock body jewelry. After that, nipple fever spread like wild fire. Next thing you know, Sally from WRT 205 started wearing thin material shirts that showed off the impressive barbells that donned her nipples too! As with any kind of body piercing, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider before embarking on that journey to Halo Tattoo.

The Good: Besides the fact that it makes you really badass, piercing your nipples can actually give you a lot more body confidence. It’s like taking control over your own body and your own sexuality at once. They look good, and if they make you like the way your body looks even more, then there ain’t nothing wrong with that! They can also make things interesting in the bedroom, since they add a new element. These piercings are known for making the nipples more sensitive which can be GREAT if you’re into nipple play.

The Bad: The worst part of the piercings is that they hurt like hell when you get pierced. One girl described how her boobs felt after the piercing as having a similar soreness to mothers that are lactating (important to note that this was an assumption). Your boobs will hurt for a while after first getting them done… not just the first day. The Center for Young Women’s Health says that the nipple takes between three to six months to heal. Another consideration is that as hot as having piercings should be in theory, sometimes your partner has no idea what to actually do with them. One bite too hard or one twist too many can really bring down the mood, especially if you are howling in pain (not the good kind).

The Aftercare: One of the things that makes these piercings pretty nifty is that it’s pretty easy to care for them. They aren’t incredibly prone to infections as long as you make sure you care for them properly. They take an average of 6 months to a year to heal but you can change jewelry after around three months of having them done. If you’re a fan of having your nipples sucked, licked, or fondled in any way, hold off for the first month because mouths have A LOT of bacteria, and that’s just asking for something to go amiss. Just make sure to wash them once or twice a day with an unscented, anti-bacterial soap and sea salt soaks. You can buy a sea salt spray for your boobs or you can literally just dip your boobs into a bowl or cup of un-iodized kosher salt and call it a day. Trust us, these salt soaks will revive your nips like no other.

To pierce or not to pierce your nipples is a question worth asking, but if you’re interested, make sure you get them pierced to please yourself, not anyone else.