Please Use Proper Textiquette

By Laura Cohen

When it comes to texting someone you’ve got your eye on, it’s not just what you say, but how you say it. When attempting to flirt via text, you better have your texting etiquette (or textiquette) down pat. Sometimes it can send a greater message than your actual words. The style and attitude you use can either make you or break you, and we have the support to prove it.

Responding after 2 seconds. Yes, we know your phone is constantly in your hand. People attempt to hold coffee, open doors, pay a cashier and even drink from the same hand in which they are holding their cellphone. Even if that is true, you don’t want to give off the vibe that all you have going on is this texting convo. “It seems like the person is just waiting to get your message,” said Clara Amore, a junior chemistry major. As a rule of thumb, check how long it took your texting partner to respond, and wait the same amount of time, or a minute or two longer. Even if you have nothing better to do, at least pretend you do.

Usingggg extraaa letttterrsss. There is no reason to keep holding down each key for an extended period of time. First of all, it’s hard to read, and second of all, you look like an idiot. Imagine someone draaaaaagging out their words in real life. Annoying, right? “It seems to have become the norm for teenagers to type and text like that, but I think that it’s immature, personally,” said Alex Klaris, a junior public relations major. You don’t need to have perfect grammar, but don’t sound ditzy on purpose either.

Have you ever gone overboard on your EMOTIONS?????!!!! JK LOL! You will probably never be THAT curious or THAT excited about something that it warrants 15 question marks, 10 exclamation points and an awkwardly placed smiley face. Keep your cool and keep it classy with subdued emoticons and punctuation. “It seems like that person is not mature enough,” said Ranon Bezerra, a junior mechanical engineering major. “I talked like that when I was 14 or 15.” That being said, spare the extra question marks—one will suffice.

Sending multiple texts in a row: Hello? Are you there? If he or she does not answer your text, there is a reason. If they are as immersed in this conversation as you are, they would not skip a beat. Please remember life exists outside your conversation and a number of things could have distracted your partner. If they are done talking to you, another text can just be irritating. If they are actually tied up with something, you’ll look impatient, even frantic. “If you send two text messages in a row, it comes off as desperate,” said Justin Dorsen, a sophomore public relations major. “I’ll answer when I have the opportunity to do so.”

Put your best foot (or thumb) forward by avoiding these pitfalls, and always practice safe texts.

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