Rap’s Most Ingenious Lyrics


Provocative lyrics have made rap the genre it is today. It’s hard to avoid being drawn to the superlative cadence and pristine lyrical bouts hip hop artists put out. They hammer down divine gospels all for the sake of bars (literally), and they’ve got all our playback buttons going gaga.  

Behold, Jerk has collected the innovative lyrics which set apart top-tier rappers from the thirsty underclassmen begging you to check out their latest mix on SoundCloud. There’s no need to over-analyze poetic connotations, socio-political commentary and whatnot as such striking bars won’t go flying over your heads; rest assured. Without further ado, here are rap’s most ingenious lyrics:  

“Rain drop, drop top” – Migos 


Offset’s lyrical savagery should be illegal. This quote right here became the undisputed meme of Summer 2017, spawning an endless number of hilarious spin-offs. In the club scene, DJ’s had this one on-the-go for any given moment things started to appear less than lit. If you haven’t heard of it, you’ve been living under a rock… beneath the ocean. 

“I’ve been fucking hoes and poppin’ pillies man I feel just like a Rockstar” – Post Malone 


Post! Posted up at number one the Billboard 100, “Rockstar” is a force to be reckoned with in the musical scene. The opening line of the chorus has an air of magic to it and when under the influence, I bet you’d feel like a rockstar too. And not the Nickelback kind. Don’t do drugs, though. 

“Call me, call me, call me” – Tyler, the Creator 


The lonely anthem being preached by the flower boy himself. Tyler’s ability to get you all up in your feelings reveals a wide spectrum of his work. This is also the snippet he uses to contrast “Who Dat Boy.” It has a quirky feel to it sure to have you grooving in silence and solitude. 

 “I woke up thinking ‘bout bands” – Rich the Kid 


Diamonds, flexing. “New Freezer”” is the epitome of conscientious ignorance in rap. The creepy beat is murked sublimely by Rich the Kid and Kendrick Lamar. This line is especially memorable because we all spiritually resonate with it, do we not? 

 “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex” – Kanye West 


There’s no way this one wasn’t going to make the list. The most mercurial and thus controversial artist of our time never fails to create spectacle. The amusing line has become somewhat notorious because we’re not quite sure who the snake is between the pair. It’s worth noting that he’s a married man too, not like that matters in Hip Hop. 

“Okay” – Jay-Z 


The hardest line of the year. Jay-Z takes a second to shed light on his views towards race in America in “The Story of O.J.,” but Jay understands the cultural significance of satire and sarcasm which he employs ever so well in this short line. It’s the tone of his voice really, the subtext is a dead giveaway as to how he feels about O. J.’s infamous quote.