Reactions to Syracuse University and SUNY-ESF's #SanctuaryCampus

November 16, 2016 proved to be another beautiful day nationwide. Good weather, no nuclear war, you know – just your average day of national protesting. Today students at colleges and universities across the nation staged a walkout to send a message to their schools that when faced with discrimination, the students would stand in solidarity with those that have been wronged and expect that school administration does as well. Although protestors have received harsh criticism from the opposing viewpoint since their inception over a week ago, scrolling through social media, it was easy to find that this event in particular—Sanctuary Campus—was facing criticism from both the dissenting view as well as those with aligning views.

Today was a day of public outcry that could very well start a new dialogue in this nation: how far is too far when it comes to stating your beliefs?

Many took to Facebook to promote this event. Perhaps an equal number took to social media to show their criticism of the event stating that they felt it was “immature,” “irresponsible,” or several other words your parents use when they are trying to tell you that something is a bad idea without having viable points to support their argument. Primarily, conflict about the occurrence of the event came down to an argument about whether it was respectful and responsible for students to leave classes for which they are most likely seeking federal, state, or parental aid for payment.

Likewise, this campaign was met with slight opposition when a number of supporters of Donald Trump showed up to voice their opinion and quietly mock those participating. Some were even bold enough to wear t-shirts and other campaign materials to show their disapproval. And they call us the crybabies, even though they actively seek out an opportunity to heckle because their feelings got hurt by the opposition of opinions?

Perhaps, all-in-all, many of the protests occurring across the nation are not always well placed. It would be fair to venture to say that some of the protests are not carried out in a responsible, mature manner. But to argue that Sanctuary Campus is simply another one of those protests, couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Sanctuary Campus, although provoked by the election of Donald Trump as president, is not anti-Trump. It is a movement that is pro-peace, pro-equality, and pro-acceptance. Sorry if that rattles the bells for Trump supporters, but we also aren’t sorry because we have the Constitutional right to voice our dissatisfaction.

We all have a voice and that is what Sanctuary Campus is about. This event was meant to promote solidarity when faced with differences, and so the Trump supporters that came to heckle were welcomed with open arms.

To sign the petition to have Syracuse University and SUNY ESF become Sanctuary Campuses, click here.


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