Sexy Little Things


By Ivana Monet

We all know shopping for our partners during the Christmas season can be quite difficult because it always feels like we’re buying something they’re never going to actually use. But how about this Christmas season, you do something a little different? Instead of getting him or her another tie or bracelet that, more than likely, will sit in the closet or on the dresser for months, you give him or her something he or she wouldn’t dare turn down—the gift of sex. Spice up you and your partner’s Christmas with a little naughty fun by giving him or her one of these sexy gifts.

Let’s Play a Game

If you’re interested in adding a little heat to your relationship, try out the game Sex Stack. It’s like Jenga for adults and is comprised of many new sexual ideas to try. Each sexual piece has a number printed on it. Find the corresponding number on the Teaser Card or Hardcore Card that you have chose for the game and perform the sexual action listed on the card. At this rate, you might not even finish the game. ($25 on Or try the 12-sided Love Sex Erotic dice full of many different positions that you and your partner can have fun getting yourselves tangled into. ($1.75 on

Massage Candles

Earthly Body Threesome Round Massage Candles turn into a warm massage oil or moisturizer that also leave a hint of flavor on the skin—cough cough—a massage and a meal. ($18 for pack of 3 on

Stimulating Reading

Purchase a steamy, hot book like Naughty or Nice: Christmas Erotica Stories and take turns reading to each other. It could even serve as an opportunity to act out a few of the stories, a time where you could engage in fantasies you’ve never considered before. Such books as these are very sexy and have the capability to heat things up between you and your partner very quickly. ($14.95 at

Time To Get a Little Kinky

Take a step out of your comfort zone and try something a little different with the Spartacus Kink Set. Blindfold your partner and tie him or her up, and things will definitely get interesting. ($54 on I’m sure your partner will appreciate some bondage and spanking after drinking a little eggnog by the Christmas tree—I mean, who wouldn’t?

Sexy Santa and Elf Costumes

There’s never anything wrong with a little bedroom role-playing. Pass up the plain matching bras and panties and pick up a sexy Santa Claus outfit for him and a sexy elf costume for yourself. Your partner will never forget who brought them Christmas that year. (Santa is $10.99 at and Elf is $32.95 at

Edible Arrangements

Add a little flavor to your pallet with the Edible Underwear Bra and Panty Set and Candy Posing Pouch. (Edible Underwear is $3 at and Pouch is $9.99 at Your partner will feel like a kid in a candy store again—literally.


Pleasure your partner with an Orgasmic Oral Sex Tongue Ring that offers over 40 minutes of non-stop vibration and fits easily over any sized tongue. The small nubs on the ring give your partner additional stimulation while in use. ($4.49 at

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Being in debt to someone never felt so good. If you owe your partner something, make it something that you both can enjoy. Bring out the IOU Sex Coupon book for sexual favors that will have you both going wild. Being in debt to someone never felt so good! ($6.95 at

And last but not least—

Christmas Condoms

What better way of protecting yourself than with some holiday-themed condoms? Spice up your partner’s Christmas stocking with some of these bad boys. I’m sure they’ll find it humorous especially because they’re made to look like lollipops. Remember, always be safe. ($5.69 for a 3 pack at