Should You Fuck Your Ex or Nah?

11839 Quick disclaimer: I'm not necessarily promoting getting back together with your ex, or having sex with him or her in the hope that it will somehow lead to the two of you getting back together — let's be real, there's nothing healthy or smart about that. If that's the path you're going down, it’ll only lead you to the Bad News Bears. I absolutely do not recommend getting re-involved if there's a chance you're going to bring emotions into the situation and get super attached– no one wants a Stage 5 clinger. That being said, please don’t forget that if you broke up, you broke up for a reason. But for all other intensive purposes, keep reading:

There’s a method to the madness of avoiding the "holy shit, I'm so alone" phase entirely with a booty call here or there, but before it's time to go out into the world and meet someone new, why not reminisce with an old flame?

Let's imagine the ideal college relationship: You met him or her freshman year in EAR 105 and were madly in love ever since. Once summer comes around though, you two barely even sent a "hey what's up" text to each other. At first you were heart broken, but then you finally get over it. You said you'll never talk to him or her again and you're sticking to your far.

Then it's a new semester and you're single, (and more than ready to mingle), and just like that, you spot your ex in one of your classes. You make awkward eye contact, yet avoid speaking with each other. But later that night they text you, asking to come over and talk. So, now what?

You're probably thinking this is a bad idea, but let's assess the situation. Your ex is going to come over. It's going to be awkward for maybe 10 seconds and then you two are going to passionately hook up. He or she will probably stay the night and you two will cuddle until the morning comes. And then...yup, that's about it. It's over. You got sex out of it — oh, and good cuddle sesh.

The only problem you now face is that of your post-hookup feelings. Screw feelings, right? You need to just remember that you're essentially on a crashing plane of fiery passion, and you have to bail out before it hits the ground. In this metaphor, all your friends are judging you for not jumping out of the plane earlier, but you're like, "Come on, guys. I'm having sex. Can you blame me?"

Coming from someone that has been through this, you're going to deal with this ex-hook up situation for a little bit, and then you're going to find someone who will cuddle with you for hours and hopefully make you feel just as good as your ex did, if not better. So, go on with your bad self and get as many hookups as you can out of your ex. Then go into that big bad world and get yourself a permanent boo. And it'll be fucking great — you deserve it.