Sick Daze Playlist


Design by Jena Salvatore This week was a dreary one to say the least.

As you sat in your lecture halls you definitely noticed the sniffles and disgusting mucus-filled coughs. Vile to say the least. You felt helpless, knowing that your immune system would just give up on its fight and that you would get sick…and it happened. Needless to say you probably craved a nice pick-me-up. Here is a playlist that Jerk has put together for the sick daze.

These are some uplifting tunes for when you just want some warm chicken noodle soup and your bed but instead you’re stuck in a lonely cinder block dorm room with lukewarm ramen noodles:

Spiderweb | The Mowgli’s

Welcome to Your Life | Grouplove

home - morgxn

Cool Girl-Tove Lo This song makes you feel hot and too-cool even with tonsils the size of two jumbo marshmallows. If you want to feel sexy and better than everyone even while you’re surrounded by a mountain of tissues and cough drop wrappers we highly recommend a listen.

What’s the only plus side to being sick? Honestly…being drugged out of your mind with cold meds, antibiotics, and Nyquil. This combination, while really fun, will make you so dazed and confused that you will have no idea what the hell is happening. These are some fun new releases that will help get you through that cold-medicine-induced-daze:


We Can | Kranium (feat. Tory Lanez)

Spinning | Balance and Composure

Dang! | Mac Miller (feat. Anderson .Paak)

We at JERK would like to dedicate this playlist to Nyquil for all of its healing abilities. Thank you, Nyquil. Thanks for helping us sleep when we felt even worse than our worst hangover. We really owe you one.

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