Single-ish in Syracuse

Welcome to Generation Single-ish: the byproduct of our parents telling us we’re too young to settle down, and an solution to every commitment-phobe - manwhores and harlots alike.

Thanks in part to Facebook’s “it’s complicated” option, nowadays, you can’t even begin to describe the kind of relationship/non-relationship you’re in. We’ve managed to develop a dating approach that caters to our wandering eyes, frequent boredom, and of course, those delicious youngsters of the Class of 2014.

This new genre of relationship thrives on our campus – even more than sex will flourish in the new gender-neutral suites on South Campus. And let’s be honest here, we all know we love it. After all, what’s better than sexting your late night hook-up for a booty call shortly after locking lips with Jack Sparrow from that pirate party?

But while the benefits may seem endless, Single-ish tends to complicate the old, and introduces some new problems as well. How do you end a relationship that isn’t really a relationship? What happens when you want him to put a ring on it … err, I mean…make it Facebook official? Grow some tough skin, listen close, and bookmark this shit, because this lifestyle isn’t going anywhere soon.

Let's face it, you know you're fill of shit when you say you'll never drink again after accidentally sleeping with so-and-so. So stop fronting, because damn it, I need more material to write in these blogs! So grab your bedazzled funnel, put on those 5-inch high fuck-me-pumps that we all know you can’t walk in, and let me know how it goes. You can bet I’ll be doing the same.