Sk8 Shelf

skater shelf
By Charlotte Stone

Though some flaunt the ultimate hipster Vans and a collection of gnarly scars from years of drunken stumbles, trips, and roller derby practice, most of us would eat shit if we actually tried to shred with the skaters. If you lack the ability to nail a 360 degree kick flip, it’s time to convert your old skateboard into a nifty wall shelf.

Materials: 1 Skateboard deck complete with grind marks and peeling paint (proof of your shredding past) 2 L-brackets 6 Screws 1 Power screwdriver

Step 1 On the bottom of the deck, make two vertical pencil lines five inches from each end. Step 2 Along each line, attach the L-brackets to the bottom of the deck using a power screwdriver. Step 3 Locate two adjacent wall studs. Attaching the brackets to the studs allows for longer shelf life (pun intended). Step 4 Screw the brackets into the studs, so the deck’s grip tape faces up, but don’t fake it too much. You wouldn’t want to slip on a wife beater and a tie, and call yourself Avril. Otherwise you’ll blow it for the rest of us posers.

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