Smoking Music


After tightly packing that last green crumb,  your usual squad naturally form a circle in anticipation for the rotation to begin. But this is a special session with your most familiar smoking friends, and we’re not allowing dead noise between coughs.

With the most satisfying crowning of a doobie, start off the cruise with a tune familiar to the group. This song will allow you to slowly begin to let your inhibitions free. Paranoia is your worst enemy right now.

As you feel the thought of a vacation cloud your head, you find yourself losing track of where the train began.  I hear the gang calls it “getting high”. Let the foggy air fill with laughter with this next track. Let your eyes sag and your inner rhythm dance.

Remember to stay hydrated, my friends, and don’t let the red eyes get to you too much. Now is about time for the second rotation to begin. Appreciate the green blessings and dedicate the rest of the fade to the man who shall now rest in peace. Remember kids, drugs are bad.

Spacing out? Looking stupid? Sounds about right.

Don’t really know what’s up or if the rotation is still going. Either way, we’re going to levitate the vibe and celebrate your thoughtlessness.

The joint approaches its end and you can barely see the whites of your friends’ eyes anymore. Completely fall into the smoke with the last track of the session. As your hear more instruments begin to weave together, you feel ever so slightly as if time was being swept away in waves. Poetic right? Nah, you’re just stoned.

Another one anybody?