SPEAKEASY: Flower from Chuck's

By Kenneth Jones,Photo by Ilana Goldmeier

Flower, we have to know, what’s your favorite?

My favorite flower is a gerbera daisy. I used to be a florist—that’s how I got the name.

How many T-shirts do you own?

Close to a thousand, probably. I have bins at my mother’s house she’s begging me to take to the Salvation Army. I’d say 75 to 80 percent are all just black, but my closet is just compiled of T-shirts. I go through them everyday, and I’m like, “Wow I’ve never even worn this shirt before.”

Have you thought about bartending like the lovely ladies in Coyote Ugly?

I don’t know how good I’d look in short shorts, but I’ll get on the bar if there’s some pretty ladies that want me to. I won’t shake my ass, but I’ll throw some shots down their throats if that’s what they like.

Is there a record for riding the bull?

Yes, the record is “topless is the best way.”

You, topless?

Hey, whatever floats your fancy—I’m not really into that. I have ridden the bull, actually, but I don’t anymore. Once, twice, three times is enough.

What’s your best bar story?

I’ve seen girls with miniskirts get on the bull with no underwear on. It’s like, you knew you were going to get on that bull when you came out tonight, and yet you decided to wear a miniskirt with no underwear. Some people just don’t care.

What actions will never get you served?

Snapping, banging on the bar, calling me, saying “hey” or “yo.” Basically being rude or waving money in my face. People have to understand that everyone comes in all at once, and you have to be patient. I’m not your pet, don’t snap or bang at me, or whistle. It’s just rude.

Words of wisdom from behind the bar?

Continue to come to Chuck’s. Keep on doing what you’re doing and continue to be good people. Keep your face out of your cellphones and talk to each other more than you do. Generation cellphone-face is getting kind of old. When you’re at the bar, talk to the bartender, talk to the people around you. You can tweet and text and Facebook later. That’s it.

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