Spotify's New Beauty Side Hustle


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Spotify has become the ultimate go-to source for its bomb pregame playlists, study session jams and sensual mood setting music, but they’ve added another aspect to their growing company: makeup. Spotify recently announced a collaboration with renowned makeup artist Pat McGrath and artist Maggie Lindemann. The streaming service has long sold artists’ merchandise on their respective Spotify page but up until now this merchandise has only consisted of the usual, tees and sweatshirts. The collection, titled “So Obsessed”, will be released along with Lindemann’s single “Obsessed.” Fans can buy everything from $21 lipstick to $125 palettes.

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Makeup and music tend to play off each other subtly, ultimately creating collaborations beyond our wildest dreams. Some artists choose to reference beauty brands in their music, like the notorious Lil Mama, “Mac mac L’oreal yep 'cause I'm worth it. Love the way I put it on so perfect” in her hit “Lip Gloss.” Most of the beauty ventures are by going into the industry and launching beauty collections. Rihanna, of course just had major success with her own makeup line, Fenty Beauty. Nicki Minaj, Dua Lipa and Justine Skye have each had exclusive collections and products with MAC.

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This new venture is confusing to some considering Spotify will not be receiving a cut of the profits. In fact, Spotify doesn't generate any revenue from selling artist merchandise. This collab and others of its nature are beneficial to Spotify by allowing artists to gain a profit while using their streaming services. Many artists are reluctant to share their music through streaming services because they don't see too much of the profit. This is why Jay-Z and friends got together to start Tidal or why Taylor Swift kept her music off of Spotify for so long. In allowing Artists to sell their merchandise without taking a cut of the profit, Spotify is putting itself ahead of its streaming competitors.

The makeup and music industry has proven to reward us with some of our finest songs and products, lets hope this boost promotes even more of that in the future. There are a few celebs we’d love to get as #Flawless as… @Beyonce, we’re looking at you.