Why Summer Kind of Sucks

Photo by Chaz Delgado As Syracuse students, we’re conditioned to hate winter. Snow and wind chill haunt us for most of the year. But now that it’s warm out, many are remembering why we didn’t mind coming to Syracuse in the first place: summer kind of sucks. It becomes obvious after the third or fourth day of sitting on the quad enjoying the weather. Summer is actually the WOAT and frostbite might be the better choice. Here are the reasons why summer is actually the worst.

Back Sweat

We all know the horrible sensation of soaking the back of a shirt from too much physical activity. Something as simple as walking to class can be the end of your cute outfit. Looks like you’re going to have to change into a shitty Syracuse Football t-shirt that you quickly buy from the bookstore to cover up this atrocity. This really could apply to any kind of sweat, but back sweat is objectively the worst kind. There’s no way to truly feel clean after that.


Okay, so not everyone gets sunburnt, and that’s cool for you. The rest of us, though, have to plan out our entire day before we go outside, lest we end up looking like this. It’s not just our faces we have to worry about either. I got sunburnt on my legs a few days ago. My legs! Sunscreen isn’t a cure-all either. Cue the breakouts. Any season that leads to pimples isn’t that great.

Lack of Amenities

At school, (almost) everything you need is within walking distance. There’s premade food. There’s a doctor. There’s a liquor store. Over the summer, you’ll have to actually work for the things you want. You’ll have to drive to do anything, and you’ll have to pretend like you really enjoy hanging out with people in all of the boating Instas. No one really wants to do that. It’s hard enough walking to the dining hall as it is.

Country Music

Something about temperatures over 70 triggers a biological urge in white people to reach for the nearest portable speaker and blast country. You’ve probably been subjected to it while trying to enjoy your day on the quad, because there’s always at least one person blasting Blake Shelton or the like whenever people congregate outside. “It sounds like summer!” they say, forcing everyone within earshot to listen about dirt roads and incest or whatever. It’s all the same, horrible song, repeating into infinity. Enjoy your pandering.

The Ennui

Summer also means three months of separation from you and your college life. Your friends are likely scattered across the country, your weekends will never be as fun, and your fake I.D. likely doesn’t work as well anywhere else. FOMO becomes your default setting, and Houseparty can’t replace just hanging out with your friends. Plus, you have to get a job or an internship and other adult shit. It’s rough out there.