What’s the Deal with Athleisure?

photo by Alyssa Smith

There’s a phenomenon going on in the world of working out—and it’s dressing up to not work out. For those who don’t know what athleisure is (if you people even exist), it’s the trendy combination of athletic and leisurewear that's somehow managed to become a lifestyle. This is the art of appropriately wearing workout or lounge wear while outside the gym or off your couch. Athleisure gained traction when celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid began wearing track pants and plain white tees while still looking hot AF. Were they coming from a workout or were they just giving off the fitness lifestyle vibe? The world may never know.

Left: Teen Vogue | Right: Harpers Bazaar

Many brands have embraced the trend by incorporating it into their collections. For example, Alexander Wang created an entire athletic-inspired collection with H&M; however, celebs have turned into athleisure designers, too. In March of 2016, Beyoncé launched her athletic line, Ivy Park. Rihanna similarly launched Fenty x Puma a few months later. Both brands feature edgy workout pieces that transition easily for everyday activities.

Left: Where To Get It | Middle: Fashion Bomb Daily | Right: Arc Street

Here at ‘Cuse, athlesiure outfits flood the promenade. The appeal is obvious: with the hectic lives us students live, it makes sense to seek a comfortable, yet fashionable style. We all know that "chill" girl who lives in her Lulu leggings and Nike sneakers. As chill as she may look, odds are she spent a decent amount of time and effort trying to look like she put no time or effort into her outfit at all.

Does the permanence of this trend come from getting lazier (probably) or wanting to work out more? Some say athleisure is the death of fashion, but according to Business Insider, athleisure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. If you aren’t already wearing yoga pants everywhere, here are some tips to nail the trend:

  1. Polish it up. Instead of committing to a slouchy look, tie your outfit together with one non-sporty piece. This adds an easy touch of style while staying true to the classic athleisure look. Try a leather jacket, bomber or jean jacket.
  2. Athleisure tends to work best in dark and natural tones with subtle pops of color, so don’t go for a full neon look; rather, try all black, white or grey with flashes of color. If you’re feeling spicy, try a neon sports bra under a white top or printed leggings.
  3. Have fun with it! There are lots of great athletic pieces with cute detailing. Think: leggings with sheer panels and tops with mesh or cutouts. Don’t feel like you have stick to a certain uniform when it comes to athleisure. Try new things and wear what makes you comfortable... isn't that the whole point.

photo by Alyssa Smith


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