The Layered Life: 7 Go-to Looks to Survive "Spring" in Syracuse

Photo by Erica Mack In typical Syracuse fashion, the final weeks of our spring semester look like they’re going to be a confusing mess of 70-degree afternoons and 35-degree nights. The weather is anyone’s game. It could be snowing while you walk to class and gloriously warm when you emerge an hour and a half later. I won’t pretend to understand what makes Mother Nature so flaky, but I do know how to help you exude spring style while still staying realistically dressed—it did snow last Mayfest, after all. You may want to break out the sundress and flip-flops, but unfortunately, we’re registered students in Syracuse, not Miami. So from us Jerks to you, here are seven outfits to help you survive the Syracuse Spring.

1. Army Strong

An army jacket is the quintessential spring coat. It’s heavy enough to keep you warm against a breeze but light enough to keep you from sweating buckets in warmer weather. To keep with the gritty vibes of the jacket, pair the coat with distressed boyfriend jeans and a vintage t-shirt or tank top. Add some aviators and combat boots and you’re basically Top Gun—minus the fact that you’re not a washed up scientologist actor (unless you are. We Jerks don’t judge).

2. Tell Me About It, Stud

For a punky twist on spring style, consider throwing on a leather jacket over a light summer dress or skirt and shirt combo. Don’t worry ladies, you can still wear your precious knee-highs—in fact, they’ll help keep you warm should a cold front suddenly move in. For shoes, thigh-high boots or booties would even further add to the edge of the leather jacket. If you’re trying to keep it more low-key (and comfortable), oxfords are your friend. Regardless of what you choose, you’re going to look flawless.

3. So Over It

It wouldn’t be a spring style article if I didn’t throw overalls in here somewhere. But instead of wearing them with flirty sleeveless crop tops and Birks, try a long sleeved ensemble underneath. You’ll still get the street cred for pulling off overalls, but you won’t freeze your ass off while you do it. Add a pair of Toms or Vans, a snazzy pair of sunglasses, and a polished watch for a cute, quirky outfit that’ll surely impress your classmates. Make the quad your runway and werk, girl.

Pro Tip: Make the long-sleeved tee a faux turtleneck to nab some extra style points (and warmth).

4. Sweat It Out

Since half this campus wears joggers on the daily anyway, I figured it’d be good to throw a sweatpants-friendly outfit in here. Slide on a comfy pair of joggers to keep the brisk Syracuse winds at bay, and pair it with a light cropped sweater and Adidas Sneakers to keep it casual while still keepin’ it real. No matter what havoc the weather decides to wreak on our campus, you’ll be prepared, rain or shine.

5. Grab The Cardy

For all my low-maintenance ladies, the cardigan is where it’s at. It’ll keep you cozy if it’s chilly, but if it suddenly heats up (nothing surprises me in this godforsaken campus anymore) you can simply shrug it off to bask in the sun. Since cardigans are such a simple staple piece, they can be paired with pretty much anything. But for the sake of comfort, wearing them with leggings, a cute t-shirt, and booties will keep you looking composed while you feel easy breezy (beautiful! Sorry, I had to).

6. Pretty In Prints

Printed pants are a spring style must: lightweight, brightly colored, and wonderfully comfortable. They add a great bohemian touch to any outfit you create, and as the weather warms up, their iridescent designs and eclectic patterns will easily transition you into summer. Rock them with a denim jacket and a loose crop top for a hippie dippy vibe that screams “I’m laying out on the quad all day.” To tie the whole look together, slide into some gladiator sandals and you’ll be groovy, man.

7. Jumpman

I have a deep, unconditional love for jumpsuits... they’re like socially acceptable onesies. They’re incredibly easy to wear (the only downside is when you have to go to the bathroom). Just throw one on, add a pair of shoes and a light jacket. Presto! You’ve got yourself one killer outfit. I’d suggest pairing the jumpsuit with either a denim jacket or a brightly printed cardigan, and then polishing the whole look off with a pair of chunky-heeled sandals and long-layered necklace. You’ll look effortlessly chic with hardly any effort at all #lifehack.