The Uncomfortable Truth About Tinder On College Campuses

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 2.38.40 PMTinder is a beautiful example of how far technology has come, and it’s even more amazing on a college campus since you both automatically have one very important thing in common—you’re horny, obviously, and you go to same school.

Unfortunately, being that all college students on Syracuse University's campus live practically within a ten mile radios of one another, the Tinder game presents its pros and cons. No matter what your experience with Tinder may be, if you're a seasoned "tinderer," you'll agree that almost all of your dating-app interactions follow this specific formula.

  1. After endless left swipes on freshmen, creepy selfies, and accounts whose only pictures are group pictures - you actually match with someone. Finally someone thinks you’re at least somewhat attractive and doesn’t look like a complete douche.
  2. The highly anticipated message arrives. Here comes yet another cheesy pick up line… this could work. They’re obviously on campus, so they’re definitely close by. You start dreaming about the possibilities, the food they might buy you, and what your first make out with them might be like. Free food and making out, my favorites.
  3. The flirting begins. “What year are you? What major? Where are you from?” All the basics. The flirting intensifies when they ask what you might be up to later that night. You get scared, naturally.
  4. You go through a mild panic. “Should I meet up with them? What if they’re a serial killer? What if they aren’t attractive in person? What if they sleep with socks on?” You drive yourself crazy. So crazy, in fact, that you never even respond. I mean, what are you supposed to say to them anyways? “Honestly that sounds great but I should probably voice the concern that I think you might kill me.” Now you're the crazy one.
  5. They respond with something along the lines of “ok guess not…” You didn’t even respond... you just left them hanging, but it’s not like you’re going to respond to that. You officially feel weird, which makes sense, since this is officially a weird situation.
  6. You unmatch that shit ASAP. After you've settled from your state of panic, you come to the conclusion that this is the safest option. You pray they’ll forget what you look like or something and you move on to the next swipe.
  7. You see them on campus, probably the next day. The dreaded number seven, the absolute worst part of this whole shindig. Whether you’re at a party, in the dining hall, or (god forbid) in class, you will see this person on campus and it will genuinely be the most awkward interaction that has ever taken place on planet earth. You're both going to make eye contact and you'll both just know… cringe.

If you've ever used the app, you know it's all true. So, dare I ask, what's been your worst Tinder experience? Ten bucks to whoever can prove their love life sucks most. Leave your comments below!