The Week: 4/8-4/13

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Lots of headliners this week! Check out the highlights below:

Sunday 4/8

- Longtime CBS Correspondent Mike Wallace passed away at the age of 93. Wallace is best known for pioneering the 60 Minutes series.

- What would YOU do for an iPad? A teen in China takes the cake this week when he traded his own kidney for Apple products.


Monday 4/9

- In tech news this week, Facebook bought out photo app Instagram for a whopping $1 Billion. Smile -- they're watching you!

- In random news you (don’t) need to know this week: a new survey reveals what state Americans hate the most: California. California nabbed the title from New Jersey, which has held the record for most hated state for 12 years running.

Tuesday 4/10

- Presidential hopeful Rick Santorum cashed in his chips and officially ended his campaign for President this week. After 14 months of fierce campaigning, Santorum finally realized that he’s a moron.

- The Miss Universe competition has officially ended its longtime ban on Transgendered contestants. Keep working those heels, girl.


Wednesday 4/11

- Betty White, the original ‘Bad Bitch,’ launched her official Twitter page this week, raking up over 100,000 followers overnight.

- Speaking of oldie but goodies, the lineup for Lollapalooza was announced this week and will feature acts like Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Black Keys, and Black Sabbath.

Thursday 4/12

- This just in from the White House: President Obama still thinks Kanye is a “jack-ass,” but thinks Jay-Z is talented. Foreign policy followed by hip hop – all in a day’s work for the leader of the free world.

- J.K. Rowling’s first post-Potter novel has been given a release date. Fans can mark their calendars for September 27.


Friday 4/13

- Tensions around the world rise as North Korea launched a long-range missile, defying international guidelines.

- Former child star Amanda Bynes joined the ranks of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan this week, when she pled guilty to a DUI in a California Court. No Amanda, not you too!





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