The Week of 4/22-4/27


Mayfest finally is upon us! Take a break chugging beer and wandering Euclid to check out the highlights for this week…  


- Tyra Banks isn’t ‘smizing’ this week: the dramatic shakeup resulting from the firing of veteran judge Nigel Barker on America’s Next Top Model has many questioning the show’s future.

- Coming soon to a dispensary near you: a marijuana vending machine. A California tech company is seeking to revolutionize the medical marijuana industry by offering touch-screen options for patients. The sweet smell of success!



- Former Spice Girl and fashion maven Victoria Beckham is designing her own line of Range Rovers. We are already choking on the eleganza!

- In other automotive news: a new app called Granny Nav will hit the market later this year. The plugin will assist elderly drivers in avoiding the dangers of the road, without accounting for the fact that elderly drivers make up the bulk of dangerous drivers in the first place...



- This one’s out of this world: Google announced that it will back a venture to mine asteroids for precious metals. It is believed to ultimately be cheaper and will not deplete Earth’s natural resources.

- Startling news in the field of science this week: it has been proven that trying on bikinis alters the hormone balance in women’s brains, making them feel anxious or depressed. She wore an itsy-bitsy teenie-weenie yellow polka-dot bikini.



- A new trend in America’s teens finds that hordes of young people are drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk. That doesn’t even look good on paper so we can imagine how it looks in practice. What will these kids think of next?

- Shocker! (Not Really). Beyonce was named as the “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” by People Magazine’s annual poll. Tell us something we didn’t already know…



- Ladies (and gentlemen) pay attention: a Florida doctor announced that he has found the real G-Spot, asserting that it is not in the location widely accepted by the medical community.

- You can breathe a little easier, as the overall air quality in the US is improving slightly for the first time in a decade. Take a whiff!




- Lady Gaga kicked off her Born This Way Ball tour in Seoul today. Anyone under the age of 18 was forbidden to attend.

- The CDC revealed that over 41 Million American workers don’t get enough sleep. Go ahead and hit that snooze button…




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