The Week: What You Missed

Sunday, July 10 | The University of Washington released a study explaining why we rally to drink many nights, even though we are well aware that we will feel like shit in the morning.

At the Tour de France, a car became a little carried away in the race and caused a bicyclist pile-up. Watch the footage here.

Monday, July 11 | Sgt. Scott Moore has the best date to the Marine Corps Ball. He posted a YouTube video asking Mila Kunis to be his date, and after some convincing courtesy of Justin Timberlake, she has agreed to attend.

A recent poll declared that more Americans have Smartphones than those who have a college degree. When you have Google at your fingertips there is no need for education.

Tuesday, July 12 | The CDC reported that a new strand of gonorrhea is resistant to the last type of antibiotics typically used to treat it. Remember guys and gals, no glove no love.

No more freeloading on your rents Netflix account. The company has decided to split its streaming and DVD services and charge more.

Wednesday, July 13 | Get ready for a trip down memory lane. After much anticipation Nickelodeon will re-premiere the 90s shows we grew up watching next Monday, July 25.

The US women’s soccer team secured a spot in the World Cup Finals. Perverted guys everywhere have their fingers crossed, hoping for another win that warrants a stripped down celebration a la Brandi Chastain circa 1999.

Thursday, July 14 | Gleeks everywhere, start to cherish all the Rachel, Finn and Kurt moments you've grown to love because they will begin to run short. The writers announced the trio will officially be graduating and leaving the show in the next season.

Just in time for the weekend, the Emmy nominations have been announced. With a shocking 104 nominations, HBO had the most shows recognized. Check out the nominations here.