The Week: What You Missed

Sunday, September 18| If you missed the Emmy's, a quick recap: Modern Family kicked ass.

A mother seemed to think a bottle of mace is the way to protect her daughter and fend off the bullies. Next time, try a simple phone call to the principal.

Monday, September 19| It was a big day for the LGBT community and supporters of equal rights everywhere: Don’t Ask Don’t Tell was repealed.

SU students need to start stepping up their mack game and turning on the swag. The list of top 10 flirtatious colleges came out and SU is not on the list.

Tuesday, September 20| In the fight for technologic domination, Google recently debuted a new mobile payment application called Google Wallet. Don't most banks already have an app for that?

It seems that the 90s revivals may never end, and that's okay with us. The Lion King, arguably one of the greatest Disney movies of our generation, was re-released this week in 3D and made a whopping $30.2 million.

Wednesday, September 21| Hey SU alums, are you as passionate as this old lady? A grandma attending a Michigan game this week participated in a contest where she shot gunned a beer.

Attention students working at Kimmel’s Taco Bell: pay close attention to every order you make, or risk getting shot. A man pulled a gun out at a Taco Bell in Mississippi when hot sauce was forgotten in his order.

Thursday, September 2| While most people saw Facebook's news feed change late Wednesday night, Zuckerberg announced the new scrapbook look on Thursday. We aren't fans. Don't fix what ain't broke Zuckerberg.

Sesame Street made a parody of the new Glee episode that aired this week. Who knew puppets could be so harsh.

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