The Week: What You Missed


Sunday, November 6| A cleaning lady at the Ostwall museum in Berlin was fired for doing her job too well. After finding a puddle of paint on the ground and scrubbing it till it was gone did she realize that a million-dollar work of art was ruined.

Not only did all the people from Oklahoma to Wisconsin feel the 5.6 earthquake but so did all the birds and bugs. So many birds and insects took flight at the time of the earthquake that the radar picked up on it. Luckily, no birds or bugs (or humans) were hurt in the process.

Monday, November 7| Did you just finish your last box of Thin Mints? No worries, the Girl Scouts of America have your back. Now at Claire’s and Walmart you can buy individual or packaged lip balm that are scented like the famous cookies. All your favorite flavors without the calories.

Five thousand people gathered around the White House to protest the Keystone XL Pipeline. Good thing they did because Obama punted the project out of the water later in the week.

Tuesday, November 8| Rumor has it that Adele has finally under gone throat surgery after canceling tour dates this summer. We wish her a fast and easy recovery.

In other music industry news, Dr. Conrad Murray was found guilty of involuntary man slaughter almost two and a half years after Michael Jackson’s death. Four years in prison and a chance of loosing his license will never be enough justice for the King of Pop.

Wednesday, November 9| Shakira was given the 2,454th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Honored as the first Columbian woman to receive a star, the Shewolf dedicated it to the Latin community.

If you need a reason for a toast this weekend consider drinking to the fact that the astroid traveling in orbit at 30,000 mph passed and did not touch the Earth. The next time we will see it is in 2029.

Thursday, November 10| Riots at Penn State due to the football team scandal and the firing of coach Joe Paterno caused school officials to order students, through Facebook naturally, to evacuate downtown State College.

To end on a semi-positive note, Madonna’s new song was leaked to the Internet. While the singer was upset that the song was released, she was happy that people enjoyed it. Seems planned to us.