Third Eyes of Central NY

Story by Jillian D’Onfro | Photos by Brandon Weight

The main room of Greystone Castle hummed with a peculiar energy. The 14th Annual Canastota Spring Psychic Fair drew a diverse crowd from all over Central New York: healers, mediums, psychics, animal whisperers, believers, skeptics, and the simply curious. This year, a record 14 mystics came to offer their services to the public, promising to soothe troublesome aches, reveal hidden paths, or communicate with people who’ve passed on—for a price. The people who paid the initial $7 entrance fee clearly believe more than others, but for every individual staring deeply into the eyes of a scarved woman reading tarot cards, another picked up brochures skeptically, or pored over psychic-made scrapbooks with expressions suggesting they weren’t quite swayed. By alluding to deep self-realization or a chance to envision the future, for around $45 for fifteen minutes, the mediums tempted that insistent “perhaps” wriggling deep within us all.








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